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Allow Me to Re-Introduce the Way we Learn Times Tables 

& Why You’re Missing out on Unlocking Your Math Genius if You’re Not Embracing the Change

An innovative and uniquely powerful approach to mastering times tables and multiplication of bigger numbers

Even if you think you’ve tried everything and your child protests at the mere suggestion of times tables, our unique method can work for you. Let me explain. I have had many clients tell me how overwhelmed their child gets just thinking about learning their times tables. I’m sure you can relate. We all have our own stories of times tables trauma. But here’s the truth: you can accomplish so much more, in so much less time, and have fun doing it if you simply join our Times Tables Challenge on Zoom to learn our method to solve multiplication problems.

Here's what some of our most recent Challenge fans had to say:

"It’s a method we have never heard of in the United States and has made such a difference in my son's understanding of numbers."


"It's amazing. I've already told loads about it. Michael is great with the kids and makes them feel at ease."


"Do the Challenge! It is so amazing. It completely opened my mind to a different way of learning and it was so much fun with his characters to engage children. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but this just throws that theory out the window."


  Our approach to mastering multiplication is not about time consuming rote memorisation. Nor will you ever need to rely upon a cheat chart. Instead, we will teach you an innovative method that you can use any time you have need for it. And because the method is simple, fun and easy to learn, your child - and you, if you like - will have immediate success. 

  In fact, you will be solving multiplications like 8x9, 7x8 and 98x97 within 30 minutes!  

Get Exclusive Access To The Times Tables Challenge Training On Zoom From MICHAEL MASKELL, Founder of THE TIMES TABLES CHALLENGE.

Here's how you'll become a Times Tables genius.



  1. Learn the Speed Maths method to master single digit multiplication, and numbers in the 90s, like 98 x 97. Yes, all this in the first 30 minutes of the Challenge. 

  2. Build on the method to master single digit multiplication, and numbers in the 90s, which will allow you to tackle Day 3 with confidence.

  3. Master times tables in the teens, like 16 x 16, 14 x 18, etc. By the end of the session, participants will have the ability to solve times tables up to the 20s.

  When you sign up below today, you will get full access to our private Times Tables Group which is hosted on our Mastery Learning website and join our community.   

Your time investment is just 1 hour. That's it! Plus, you will get practice sheets to strengthen your learning.

  Michael will help you master your times tables using a proven method which is rarely taught in schools, and does not require rote learning.

All this for those who attend the Zoom session live.

All you have to do is name a day and Michael will be in touch to make it happen.

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We encourage parents to do the challenge with their children. Jacintha shares her experience with us.

Jacintha with her her children (from left) Sulwe, Geera and Ojo - and their furry friend.

I learned my times tables when I was 8 years old by cramming because it was the only way I knew how (or so I thought). My frustrations are a thing of the past, now that I've learned this method. I'm guilty of saying to my children, "I wish you'd memorise your times tables like you've memorised the lyrics to that song"... but not any more because they've had a chance to learn that there is a method. 

We found every step of Michael's method refreshing, enjoyable and actually easy.  I appreciate that my children have had a chance to gain this knowledge early in their lives.


Every step of the method was an AHA! moment. I kept wishing I'd learned this method a long time ago. Numbers that I used to shy away from and immediately pull out a calculator to solve are now something I look forward to doing. I'm going to enjoy helping my children with their maths homework because it's no longer intimidating. Michaels' whole approach to teaching was fun and friendly and left me wanting to learn more.


I found all of it new. When I was little I learned my times tables because I memorised them but actually seeing how you can come to the same answer using a fun method blew my mind and I truly believe if I'd been taught using this method from the beginning I'd have enjoyed my maths lessons more. 


Until a week ago I was still counting using my fingers (at my 45+ age) but thanks to this method I've been taught, I'm weaning myself off doing that and practising doing them in my head. I know I'll master it because now it's fun and I'm glad my children have gotten this opportunity to learn the method at an early age.